Saturday, August 1, 2015

75% off at Maurice's-Huntsville

I was on my way to Dollar Tree and saw some pretty dresses on a clearance rack outside of Maurice's in Huntsville!  So I had to go check it out!  Most of them were $29.95-$39.95. Plus 75% off!   Ya'll, that comes to just $7-9!!!!

There were more racks inside with tops and pants at 75% off too!  

I got a maxi skirt and a cute top for around $16! Not bad!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Kroger Deal on Expo Markers

Back-to-School Season is upon us and this is a great deal for some new Dry Erase Markers!

Kroger has them on sale with your Plus Card for $2.99.  

There is a $1.00 coupon on the Kroger App.

And then there's $1.00 rebate on iBotta!  If you are new to iBotta, sign up here!

So these wind up only $0.99 after the coupons!


Clearance finds at Target

I was out and about at Huntsville Target yesterday and found some good deals!  There's a good bit of clothes and shoes on clearance for adults and kiddos.  I only bought one shirt for my little boy, but it was $4 and there's a 20% off coupon in the Cartwheel app! If you're trying to get the kids ready to go back to school, this could be a good deal!

 They also had some summer items on clearance.  I got one of the drinking "mason" jars for a thank-you gift.  It was less than $2 and I just stuffed it with candy I already had on hand and tied a ribbon around the straw. 

Target also had lots of fingernail polish marked down!  I didn't buy any though, because there is usually always coupons you can combine with those discounts and I didn't have my coupons with me.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Back to School Sales

I got super busy with other things and didn't think I had much interest in this blog, so I let it to speak!  Well, today I was perusing through my old blogs thinking about starting up a new one.  It's not up and running completely yet, but when it is you can check it out here if you have any interest in it. Direct Sales Homeschooler 

But, I decided that as I have time, I am going to start sharing local deals on here again!  I miss it, I love saving money, and I love helping others save money, so we can give more and save our money for the things we really want to spend our money on!

So today, I thought I'd share a personal sale I'm running with my company, Initial Outfitters.  It's about that time to start stocking up on things for Back to School!  Pencils, Paper, Notebooks, Glue, Tape, Markers, Crayons, Folders....but don't forget about lunch bags, backpacks, and accessories!  These Charlie's Lunchboxes not only are adorably cute, but 100% of the company's profits also go to the Charlie's Lunch Ministry!  Then I also have Customized Drawstring BackSacks on sale, which are great for soccer equipment, football, dance, cross-country, t-ball, little league, gymnastics, etc!  There's also headbands, water bottles, duffle bags, and vinyl decals to put on book covers, binders, notebooks, planners, wherever!  These deals end July 31st, so check it out and let me know if I can help you with anything for back to school!

Click Here for this Back to School Sale!!

Friday, July 5, 2013

LifeChek-The Woodlands BIG SALE

I stopped in LifeChek off Research Forest Drive in The Woodlands today and to my surprise, they had LOTS of items on sale with HUGE discounts!!  They said they are remodeling to expand their pharmacy, so they are making room!  I didn't take pictures of every aisle, but hopefully you'll get the idea from the ones I did take!

As you can see they had a whole endcap display of vitamins for $1!  (Including children's vitamins)  I got two poison ivy washes (we use those a lot around here) for $1 each--they retail $23!  They also had a lot of items on the household cleaning product aisle for $1 or less.  They also had gift items, like household decor and picture frames, etc for $3-$7, some more or less.  They had baskets full of stuffed animals for  $1 each.  Some were really cute, but our kiddos have tons already, so I didn't get any of those.  And they had a basket full of mascara on a table in the front all marked $1, including Cover Girl, Maybelline and others!  (Possibly free with coupons!)

  Below is everything I purchased...for $23 total!

They had lots of gift items to stock up for birthdays/Christmas, etc.  Toys from 10 cents to 25 cents, 50 cents, $1, $2!  Lots of Melissa & Doug items.  I got one game I've been eying from a conference regularly $16.99, for $2!  Sprinklers for $5.  A folding lawn chair for $4, and I'm wishing I would have bought it! I forgot one of ours was starting to break. 

 They also had foot spas regularly $23, for $7.99!  So if you're in The Woodlands, stop in LifeChek and check it out!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A few Good Deals!

Right now, CVS in Huntsville has Mentos Spearmint Gum clearanced at $0.44. (There were some more behind the box, so don't think there were only 2 left!) There's a $0.55 MQ that was in the 2/5/12 SS insert, making this FREE!! I love free gum!

The rest of these pictures are from Target--If you haven't noticed, I love Target! :) They had several "restocked" clearance end-caps:

There's quite a bit of make-up and nail polish marked down. It looked like they were re-doing their make-up aisles, hince all the make-up clearance. Check for coupons, because you can usually get some free, or dirt-cheap makeup and nail polish when it's marked down. There's even a $2 Revlon Target Q on right now!! You can stack that with a MQ!

These cans of chicken were marked down to $1.60 and $1.24. And I have a $1/2 MQ on these I found somewhere..can't remember where, but they were attached to a Frank's hot sauce tearpad Q.

They had a lot of tablecloths and kitchen linens marked down also...I bought two different tablecloths, one marked down to $4 something, and the other $8, to make curtains out of. I've been looking and looking for some new curtains and can't seem to find a pattern/fabric/price I like. So I saw a few patterns I liked here and thought the price was right, so now I just need to cut them and sew them into curtains!

They also had some good toy/gift idea finds. I didn't buy any this time, because our "gift closet" is pretty well-stocked right now, but there were these baby/toddler gift sets about $7...
This Ariel toy set, $4.48..not bad!
This Kid-Tough Camera, $35 (seems high, but considering it was originally $70ish, $35 would make a nice price for next-year's X-mas gift)! And there were quite a few of these!
Ortega regular and whole grain Taco Shells were priced $1.50 TPC, I believe thru 3/10, if i remember correctly. I had in my coupon binder some $1/1 Ortega product peelie Qs that I found on some Taco Shells at Kroger a while back. So these were only $0.50!
And there were still quite a few gloves, now down to $0.50 per set. There were also still lots of sunglasses, and a good amount of jewelry marked down. I also went and skimmed the clearance clothes, because there are still some printable clothing Qs on There were some nice jeans that weren't there last time, and some swimsuits even marked down! Men's dress socks were marked down, some men's 1-pk boxers, Ladies' tights and some dress socks also. I didn't look at the children's clearance clothing, but there were racks full, as usual!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Target in Huntsville still has lots of clearance! It looks like they're trying to move the winter items out for new spring items. Above, as you can see the gloves and scarves were all marked down. The gloves were $1! And the scarves ranged from $4.98 to $7.98! Lots of sunglasses were marked down also ranging from $7-11ish. Lots of shoes and slippers were marked down! Signs said 50-70% off! I got a pair of Croc lined slippers for my oldest daughter for next winter $4.98. And a pair of shoes for our little boy for $4.48!

Behind the sports section there were lots of bike helmets, lunch bags, and water containers. Also yoga equipment and golf sets. The golf sets were great prices. This is how I got Brent's set for him when I got it. He had mentioned he wanted some golf clubs and I just happen to come across a set on clearance and grabbed them up!

Here's a closer look at the price tag: $45.48!! 50% off
And this other one was $66.48, 50% off! Sorry the picture is poor quality and I don't remember what brand this one was. But if you're in the market for some golf gear, you may want to check your Target sport section!!

And there were air mattresses, $23.68, down from $76.99!

This was the girls' clearance--as you can see there were quite a few racks! There were also quite a few racks in the ladies' department. I checked the maternity clearance because there's a $3 printable coupon on Target's website. They had maternity t-shirts for $4.88, so $1.88 after the coupon. And you can't really even tell they're maternity! :)