Saturday, December 19, 2015

Tractor Supply Stock-Up!

Tractor Supply in Huntsville has a Clearance Section back by their Bathroom--seems to be a popular spot!! Well, for you canners, they had a bunch of salsa, pasta sauce, and pickle seasoning packets for just $0.99!!  They also had a pressure canner for just $99!  Amongst other things!  

They also have a cool selection of DVDs for just $3.99 this week while they're on sale! If you homeschool like us or are just a history buff, you'll especially like this, because they have a great selection of historical documentaries like these! 

Brookshire Bros. Clearance Stocking Stuffers

Brookshire Bros. has a clearance section back by their bathrooms and today I found some fuzzy socks for only $1 there!  Great Stocking Stuffer idea!!  Also some Dino-eggs that fizz in the bathtub for $1.72 and some little dolls for $0.88!  So if you still need stocking stuffers, check it out!