Thursday, August 18, 2011

Recent Target & Walgreens Clearance Finds

This is the clearance end cap at Walgreens in Huntsville. As you can see there was quite a bit of Baby Formula. If I remember correctly, these were only about $1-2. Check for coupons for an even better deal! There were also batteries, dog food, and graduation celebration items!

This end cap at Target in Huntsville had a ton of Arm & Hammer 44-load Laundry detergent around $4. I had a coupon for $1/2, but since there were so many, I decided to wait and see if they get a further price reduction!

Target had Lunchables on clearance for $0.88! Not the best deal, but certainly cheaper than most sales on these. I grabbed up a couple just to have on hand for a lazy lunch!

Target has also further reduced their summer plasticware! The sign says 30%, but the prices marked were 75%! The pitchers were $1.98, the covered chip/dip servers were $2.98 just to give you an idea!

This frozen juice concentrates were marked clearance. The prices were really strange though. Some were seventy something cents, some were around $1, so it would be worth double checking at a price scanner if you want some! It may be less than what's marked!

Here's the clearanced food end cap. I didn't see anything GREAT, but the Starkist Tuna was about $1.50 and I know there were some $1/2 coupons available, making them about $1 each. There's also $1/2 Ortega products coupons available too if you like Taco Sauce.

This end cap behind the sports section had a bike trailer for about $44, but also quite a few toddler dress-up leotards and skirts for about $3.48, the baking kit on the bottom was about $9.98 and the slip & slides were around $12-13!

I wanted to just mention the children's clearance racks for a few reasons. There were swimsuits for $5 (think next season)! And lots of other cute clothes., including some very nice boutique-style skirts! Check Target's Website also, because I know recently they've had some printable clothing coupons on there!

The baby section had 1st Birthday-wear on clearance, Gerber formula for $21, the Huggies blue jean boxes were $13. Again, check for coupons~there should be some for some of these!

And there was a whole aisle of women's shoes marked at 70% off!

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