Monday, September 26, 2011

Conroe CVS & Walgreens Updates

I stopped in the 105 CVS in Conroe today, and just thought it was worth mentioning that they had sale items in stock still! Plenty of Schick Razors! Plenty of Softsoap Body Wash. And Plenty of Excedrin (up front at check-out). Although I didn't see ANY Thermacare 1ct. Didn't even see a place for it on the shelf.

But they also had quite a few summer items on clearance at 50%! (Sorry, no picture!)

The Walgreens on N336 also was pretty well stocked still. I didn't check ALL the sale items, but they had the Zarbee's (up front-you have to ask for it), plenty of W Brand Maxi's, plenty of Renu Solution, plenty of Balance Bars! It really was an unusual sight for me today! :)

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