Friday, September 23, 2011

Target Clearance Finds

Here's some clearance highlights from Target this past week! The school supplies and garden section were small, but 75% off! I got 10 rulers for $1.20~$0.12 each to donate at my next opportunity. There were still a lot of those left, folders, some composition books, etc.

In this first picture you can see there were lots of Kleenex clearance, Whiskas, Temptations, Purell, and Vitamins! I didn't have coupons for any of these items, so no awesome deals here for me, but it all depends on what you need or are looking for!

These Splish Splash Pools were marked down to $9.67. Not bad for a fun activity for next summer, or a Summer birthday gift!

As you can see the summer items were 75% off. I wish they had the reusable swim diapers in a boy color! They were marked down to $1-2! The little infant pools with a canopy were $3-4 and the whale-shaped infant pools were $1.74! I couldn't pass that up since we'll be needing something like this again next summer!

They STILL had Gerber forumla on the baby clearance end-cap. It was $19. The baby food was $0.33, if I remember correctly.

Hoping this helps! Happy Target Shopping!

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