Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Clearance!!!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I haven't been doing as much clearance shopping with the baby. More often than not, I'm just trying to get in, get what I need and get out before the next feeding! :) But, I wanted to share all the clearance finds after Christmas. My husband thinks I'm crazy, but the day after Christmas is when I start shopping for next year's Christmas presents! LOL

These first pictures are at Walgreens in Huntsville. They had a whole aisle of toys on clearance. From the looks of the prices, they're about 30% off. And of course, the Christmas aisle was 50% off.Also on the Christmas aisle is a small section of baking & grocery items marked down. The Libby's canned pumpkin was $0.80! And there were pie filling, sugar, no-bake cheesecake, crisco, and "picnic" meals (like lunchables).

This next picture is from CVS in Huntsville. Still LOTS of Christmas items at 50% off.

Target had clearance items ALL OVER the store! Shoes were 30-50% off!

Aveeno Baby Gift Sets were marked down to $6 something, from $9.99 (even better if you have a coupon!). The other gift sets were about $5

The baby aisles had TONS of clearance. This first picture, you can see almost all of the Tiddliwinks brand blankets, lovies, etc were on clearance.
And over on the next aisle over, lots of clothing items, including Gerber brand, were on clearance. There are printable Gerber coupons HERE to make them even cheaper!

There were also several endcaps and an aisle of toys marked at 30% off! If there's something you REALLY want, you may want to buy it now. But otherwise, wait..because they usually go up to 50% or more in the next few weeks!

I was really surprised at the amount of Christmas items still on the shelves! There was a ton (also at Wal-mart). The stores in Conroe had less than this the day after Christmas and these pictures were taken on Wednesday, two days later! So, if there's something you need for next year they may still have them on hand!

And here's one little endcap behind the beauty section that had clearance beauty gifts, fragrance sets, and clearance AirWick products. The Conair foot baths were $13ish. Not bad!

Some items you can regularly find on clearance after the holidays that you may find coupons for include Glade products, Airwick products, SOLO & Hefty disposable items, DUCK packaging products, Holiday-flavored coffees and cookies, like Peppridge Farm, Dunkin Donuts, & Starbucks, Chocolates & other candies, etc. Totally Target has a great list of coupons for items that you might be able to find in the Christmas clearance section! And be sure to check her more recent posts for items she's found on clearance!

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