Friday, July 5, 2013

LifeChek-The Woodlands BIG SALE

I stopped in LifeChek off Research Forest Drive in The Woodlands today and to my surprise, they had LOTS of items on sale with HUGE discounts!!  They said they are remodeling to expand their pharmacy, so they are making room!  I didn't take pictures of every aisle, but hopefully you'll get the idea from the ones I did take!

As you can see they had a whole endcap display of vitamins for $1!  (Including children's vitamins)  I got two poison ivy washes (we use those a lot around here) for $1 each--they retail $23!  They also had a lot of items on the household cleaning product aisle for $1 or less.  They also had gift items, like household decor and picture frames, etc for $3-$7, some more or less.  They had baskets full of stuffed animals for  $1 each.  Some were really cute, but our kiddos have tons already, so I didn't get any of those.  And they had a basket full of mascara on a table in the front all marked $1, including Cover Girl, Maybelline and others!  (Possibly free with coupons!)

  Below is everything I purchased...for $23 total!

They had lots of gift items to stock up for birthdays/Christmas, etc.  Toys from 10 cents to 25 cents, 50 cents, $1, $2!  Lots of Melissa & Doug items.  I got one game I've been eying from a conference regularly $16.99, for $2!  Sprinklers for $5.  A folding lawn chair for $4, and I'm wishing I would have bought it! I forgot one of ours was starting to break. 

 They also had foot spas regularly $23, for $7.99!  So if you're in The Woodlands, stop in LifeChek and check it out!

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