Thursday, February 23, 2012

A few Good Deals!

Right now, CVS in Huntsville has Mentos Spearmint Gum clearanced at $0.44. (There were some more behind the box, so don't think there were only 2 left!) There's a $0.55 MQ that was in the 2/5/12 SS insert, making this FREE!! I love free gum!

The rest of these pictures are from Target--If you haven't noticed, I love Target! :) They had several "restocked" clearance end-caps:

There's quite a bit of make-up and nail polish marked down. It looked like they were re-doing their make-up aisles, hince all the make-up clearance. Check for coupons, because you can usually get some free, or dirt-cheap makeup and nail polish when it's marked down. There's even a $2 Revlon Target Q on right now!! You can stack that with a MQ!

These cans of chicken were marked down to $1.60 and $1.24. And I have a $1/2 MQ on these I found somewhere..can't remember where, but they were attached to a Frank's hot sauce tearpad Q.

They had a lot of tablecloths and kitchen linens marked down also...I bought two different tablecloths, one marked down to $4 something, and the other $8, to make curtains out of. I've been looking and looking for some new curtains and can't seem to find a pattern/fabric/price I like. So I saw a few patterns I liked here and thought the price was right, so now I just need to cut them and sew them into curtains!

They also had some good toy/gift idea finds. I didn't buy any this time, because our "gift closet" is pretty well-stocked right now, but there were these baby/toddler gift sets about $7...
This Ariel toy set, $4.48..not bad!
This Kid-Tough Camera, $35 (seems high, but considering it was originally $70ish, $35 would make a nice price for next-year's X-mas gift)! And there were quite a few of these!
Ortega regular and whole grain Taco Shells were priced $1.50 TPC, I believe thru 3/10, if i remember correctly. I had in my coupon binder some $1/1 Ortega product peelie Qs that I found on some Taco Shells at Kroger a while back. So these were only $0.50!
And there were still quite a few gloves, now down to $0.50 per set. There were also still lots of sunglasses, and a good amount of jewelry marked down. I also went and skimmed the clearance clothes, because there are still some printable clothing Qs on There were some nice jeans that weren't there last time, and some swimsuits even marked down! Men's dress socks were marked down, some men's 1-pk boxers, Ladies' tights and some dress socks also. I didn't look at the children's clearance clothing, but there were racks full, as usual!

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