Thursday, June 2, 2011

Clearance Finds & Weekly Deals

Yesterday I had lots of places to go, so I just had to stop and kill some time checking out some deals! First, here are some clearance finds from the Target in The Woodlands:

This beautiful Queen-size Comforter set was $69.98. There were only two amongst some other bedding clearance items.

These looked like a really cool toy I know my girls would love. They'd make a neat birthday or Christmas present to have on hand too! The boxed sets were $6.98 I believe and the smaller sets were $4.98.

There were also LOTS of clearance items in the food section, including some 2-pack Cereals, Flavored Water, Wildberry Italitan Soda, Candy, and they were putting more out as I walked by!

These next pictures are from the North Loop 336 Walgreens. They were out of almost all the good deals for this week except the Celcius Drinks. But they did have some clearance items in the pet section! I didn't cross reference my coupons because I was in a hurry, but there might be some for the Scotch fur-fighter items and some of the treats.

This was THE only Walgreens ACE wraps on clearance, (you may have read about on WildforWags) I saw at any of our stores I've been to. They were $4.29, so $2.29 after the coupon!

The Walgreens in Huntsville had LOTS of Ecotrin when I was there! Read HERE how to get it Free!

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