Thursday, June 30, 2011

Target Clearance Finds

Here are some recent clearance finds from Target! I didn't get another picture, but there were STILL LOTS of shoes on clearance!

This first picture shows an endcap behind office supplies/scrapbooking. The Crayola artist backpacks (you can barely see behind the Pink "mom" photo album) were about $7. Those would make good birthday gifts. The graduation party supplies were running about $0.70! So if you know someone graduating in August or December, tell them to stock up now! There were also some Father's Day gift bags and curly ribbon nearby and the ribbons were orange, silver, and blue...could be used for SHSU graduation gifts!

The food clearance endcap had tons of Cars 2 shaped/colored marshmellows. Still had some Kool-Aid @ $0.11! There were some Ghiradelli Chocolates about $2.50 and I believe there are some $1 Qs out that would make those pretty cheap! There were these shaped ice trays also, that I thought kids would love. The pictures showed some with olives inside the ice, some with fruit.
These next two pictures were in housewares. Lots of picture frames! There were quite a few "School Days" collage picture frames, which I would like to get for our kiddos. They were 50% off for about $5!

More Toy Clearance! I got one of the Cake Bakery sets on the bottom. Some were marked $7.98, some $9.98. Sure enough it rang up at $9.98 and I didn't realize it until I got home, so I have to go back to get that fixed. If you get one, be sure to watch the price as they scan it and they should be able to fix it then.
Since we're expecting, I was looking up and down the baby aisles. I'm always amazed at the new things that come out just in the time since we last had a baby. Halo sleep sacks and swaddling gowns, etc were not around when our last came, and I really want one this time! They had some Small and Medium sizes on clearance for $9-$10, which is 50% off!

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