Thursday, February 2, 2012


Target in Huntsville still has lots of clearance! It looks like they're trying to move the winter items out for new spring items. Above, as you can see the gloves and scarves were all marked down. The gloves were $1! And the scarves ranged from $4.98 to $7.98! Lots of sunglasses were marked down also ranging from $7-11ish. Lots of shoes and slippers were marked down! Signs said 50-70% off! I got a pair of Croc lined slippers for my oldest daughter for next winter $4.98. And a pair of shoes for our little boy for $4.48!

Behind the sports section there were lots of bike helmets, lunch bags, and water containers. Also yoga equipment and golf sets. The golf sets were great prices. This is how I got Brent's set for him when I got it. He had mentioned he wanted some golf clubs and I just happen to come across a set on clearance and grabbed them up!

Here's a closer look at the price tag: $45.48!! 50% off
And this other one was $66.48, 50% off! Sorry the picture is poor quality and I don't remember what brand this one was. But if you're in the market for some golf gear, you may want to check your Target sport section!!

And there were air mattresses, $23.68, down from $76.99!

This was the girls' clearance--as you can see there were quite a few racks! There were also quite a few racks in the ladies' department. I checked the maternity clearance because there's a $3 printable coupon on Target's website. They had maternity t-shirts for $4.88, so $1.88 after the coupon. And you can't really even tell they're maternity! :)

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