Thursday, May 5, 2011

Local Clearance Finds-Target

Here are some of the clearance items at Target, Huntsville. I didn't write down prices and didn't see anything TOO great, but there are a few mentionables! In the top picture there's a VIO ultraviolet light toothbrush sanitizer. We have one of these and ordered it online for around $50 plus shippping. It was about $24.98 if I remember correctly. So that's a good deal if you're wanting one!

There were quite a few Iams dog food as you can see, but in my opinion, it was still pricey. But if that's the brand you like, try to stack a $1.00 Target coupon with a $1.00 Manufacturer coupon to get additional $$ off! Other items there were some deordorants, Luna snack bars, vitamins, Airwick Refill Twin Packs, and various Beauty items.

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