Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Target Clearance Finds

These were some of the new Clearance Finds at Target in Huntsville. The Bottle Cap Jewelry Kits were added to the ones I mentioned last week. I had to get one to either save for a gift or something...Of course, last night my daughters saw it and immediately wanted I may have to go back for more! I even thought a couple of kits would make a nice craft activity/party gift for a young girl's birthday party! The Lysol starter packs were about $8. There's a $3 coupon on their website when you register, which would make them $5. The Old Spice bonus packs were about $3-4. The Olay bonus packs were about $5. In my opinion, not great deals, but if you're needing them and combine with a coupon, it's not a bad deal! They also had a clearance endcap behind the snack/chip aisle with lots of food clearance items, but I didn't see anything worth mentioning!

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