Saturday, May 21, 2011

Willis: Kroger Deals

Just a few things to mention from the Kroger in Willis. (Excuse the horrible picture-taking!) The first picture is where the Kandoo Baby Wipes normally are. They were out. Bummer! But, a very kind associate went and checked in the back for me, and said they should be restocked tomorrow morning. These, as you can see, are 10/$10 right now through 5/29. And there were $1/1 Kandoo Product coupons in the 4/3/11 P&G Insert, making them free! If you don't still have that coupon, there are many clipping services that you might find them through. Or maybe even ebay! If they're out when you check, be sure to get a raincheck!

If you've never checked out Kroger's clearance baskets back by the bakery, here's a good reason why! I'm sorry for how this picture turned out, but from what I can remember there were Enfamil Next Step Soy Formula cans $6, Earth's Best Soy ~$14.99 and the small Enfamil Lipil Cans were $2. A lady came up and took about 6 of these, so there's only a handful left! I always see Formula coupons in the Sunday inserts, so there should be some to make these even cheaper!

There were also some Ball Canning Pectin Packets for $0.40. Some NatureMade Vitamins, and lots of other products! Just be sure to always check to expiration date and seals! Just last week I bought some Italian Seasoning on clearance at Walgreens, got home and the seal was completely off!

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