Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sam Houston Memorial Museum Photo Contest 2011

Last year I tied for third place in one category with this picture (above) at the Sam Houston Memorial Museum Photo Contest! The entry fee was $5, I entered two pictures and won $10 as my prize! So I broke even! I was suppose to get a ribbon also, but somehow it went missing. Oh well! Anyway, I just thought I'd share that the 2011 contest is open, but this year you have LOTS of time to get the perfect picture. The deadline is not until September 9, 2011!

Best in Show wins $100
Then for each category:

(and a ribbon)!

Here is the Photo Contest Information!
And here is the Application Form that needs to be filled out for each entry!

P.S. You CAN mail your entries in and last year one of the winners of several categories was from another state! So if you're reading this and do not live near Huntsville, you can still send your photos by mail!

Happy Picture Taking!

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