Friday, July 22, 2011

Clearance Finds

Wow....Just since last week when I posted the pictures of all the summer clearance at Target in Huntsville, it has been wiped clean! LOL When I checked back over there, there was one small wall with the leftovers marked at 75% off--not much compared to what there was last week!

This week, the only thing I saw worth "highlighting" were a few racks of clearance clothes in the infant/toddler section and they have these play shorts on sale. I believe they were around $1.50, but it's been several days so that could be wrong! :)

These next pictures are from JCPenney's in Huntsville. So check your local store, as sales and clearances are often the same! If you know someone who shops in the Big & Tall Men's section, they had these cargo shorts on clearance for $11.99, in several different colors!

The Men's flip-flops were on clearance for $2.60. I didn't take a picture of the Ladies', but they were $3 something.
There were some GREAT clearances in the baby/toddler section! As you can see the boys and girls shirts and shorts here were 60% off, making them $3.99!

Here's one side of the clearance racks in the baby/toddler section. There were lots of cute things here! And remember to check out or just search the internet for additional coupons. Right now, there's a $10/$50+ printable coupon listed on there! On there's a promo code (HOTSALE) for 15% off with any form of payment or 20% off with your JCP Rewards card. If you don't have any other coupon, it might be worth mentioning the promo code and see if they'll apply it in-store!

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