Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weekly Deal Updates & Some Clearance!

Here's just a few clearance finds and weekly deal updates for our local stores.

These first two pictures are from the clearance section at Kroger in Willis. Maybe they're getting ready for "the move" across the freeway, because there's a ton of clearance items and as I walked up two associates were putting more out and one said that was enough for now and asked how much was left and the other person said A LOT, that this wasn't even a dent in it! So it may be worth checking back on frequently! I got one box of Huggies, normally $19.99, for $9.99 -a $2 Q I had and a box of Pampers Easy Ups also for $9.99-a $1.50 Q I had. There were LOTS of characters & figures from the bakery if you decorate your own cakes! The cans in the basket were collard greens for $0.59!

These next pictures were from Walgreens at 75 & 105 in Conroe. As you can see they had PLENTY of the GUM Floss that's Free this week! The Loop 336N Walgreens, however had zero!

Here's some clearanced items they had at 50% off! The sunglasses were all $7.50.

Here's the clearance end cap near the razors and body wash. I didn't see anything great, but maybe you might! There were some prenatal vitamins for $9.99, which is cheaper than what my prescription ones are, but I didn't need them at the time.

The 75/105 Walgreens had lots of Hyland's Teething Gel also, and once again the Loop 336N did not. I forgot to look at the Evenflo nursing pads at the 75/105 Wags, but the Loop 336N did have those!

The CVS on 105 was out of the Complete Solution, but still had plenty of Balance Bars! They also had some more of the 20ct. Bayer Advanced that I have been looking for, for my raincheck from WEEKS ago!

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