Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WOW! Target Clearance!

Get Ready...there's LOTS of pictures in this post! Target in Huntsville (so probably other Targets as well) had tons of clearance finds today!

Nexcare kids' bandages were $1.58. Not much of a clearance, but if you have the $0.55/1 MQ and the $1/1 Target printable they'd be $0.03! I'm not sure if the Target Printable is still good or if it's expired. I couldn't find mine, so I guess I already used them.

The clearance end cap behind the pet section was loaded again. I saw some Dove Men's Body wash bonus packs and Dove Men's Deodorant bonus packs both for $3.38 each. There were $2/1 Manufacturer coupons in the 6/26/11 Red Plum Insert and there is a $2/2 Target printable coupon on their website, which would make them $0.38 each when you buy two! In the 6/26 Red Plum Insert, there were also B1G1 Free MQs for the Dove Men's Body Wash!

The summer section was 50% off! Yay! This is a great time to stock up...or wait and see if what you want is left when it goes to 75% off. We still have lots of summer left!

This is my favorite part of the summer clearance...the water/summer toys! They make great birthday gifts for kiddos with summer birthdays! Last year I got our girls a hopscotch water sprinkler for $2.48 and they love it & still are using it! They are the same price right now!

This side had LOTS of the "decorate your own...." (flip flops, kites, bicycles, etc) kits in the yellow boxes that would make good birthday gifts for kids too!

The clearance end cap behind the food section had some new items, like the Quaker Chewy Bars which were $2.08, the Bush's Grillin' Baked Beans $1.13, Trident Layers $0.90, FiberOne 10pk $3.48, and Planter's Nutrition 5pk bars were $1.75. I had $1/1 coupons for the Planters making them just $0.75 each. According to there were Bush's $1/2 MQs in the 6/26 Sunday Coupon Insert, FiberOne $0.50/2 MQs in the 5/22 Inserts, and there is a $1/2 Target Printable for the Quaker Chewy bars!

These next two are behind the office supplies and still had some Father's Day gift bags and 4th of July decor. There was also some "luau" themed party supplies on the second one.

This last picture is of the collage frames I mentioned in my post about Target last time. That whole aisle was pretty much gone, and I found the last two on an end cap behind the light bulb section. They still had the $5.98 stickers on them, so I scanned them to see if they had gone down any more, because usually they would have by now, and they weren't even in the system. So I took them with me to check out and basically told the cashier just that, and she said she thought they had gone down to $2.48 and let me have them for that amount. So I just wanted to share, that sometimes it does pay to wait for a deeper clearance! BUT, you just never know if what you're wanting will still be there later! I could have used 3 of these, but there were only 2, so one child will have to have a different one! :)

Anyway, Happy Targeting!

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